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How it Works

The GAP ZAPPER is a heavy, flexible, mat made of two layers of rubber. A special compound in the top layer makes the GAP ZAPPER conductive and delivers the same shock as an electric fence. When any animal steps on, smells, or touches the GAP ZAPPER, an electric shock turns the animal away. Rubber-tired vehicles and equipment can cross with no harm to the GAP ZAPPER. You can walk across the GAP ZAPPER if you have on rubber-or vinyl-soled shoes.

Easy Installation

The site does not have to be level. Rake away any large rocks. Roll the GAP ZAPPER out and attach it to an existing electric fence or fence charger (120VAC, 12VDC battery operated, or solar-powered unit). Follow the instructions on your charger for grounding. Within minutes, the GAP ZAPPER is in operation containing your livestock. The GAP ZAPPER can be easily installed by one person.


Never dig or clean out a pit again. The GAP ZAPPER requires no special care and never needs cleaning like conventional pit guards.



The GAP ZAPPER can be placed in any fence opening, road, or other gap and be moved at any time. Simply unhook the mat from your fence charger or electric fence, roll it up, and move it to a new location. Portability and easy installation make The GAP ZAPPER ideal for everyday farm use, as well as intensive grazing. Oil field and construction companies can save time and money by eliminating gates. The GAP ZAPPER increases efficiency and does away with problems that are caused when gates are left open. The GAP ZAPPER can also be used in recreational areas to keep livestock or other animals contained, and at the same time, allow for recreational vehicles to pass.


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